CETECOM - Mission and Goals
From the improvement of technical and human resources, the Composite Technological Center (CETECOM) has the mission of promoting and expanding the Latin American industry of composite materials.

Cetecom's goals are:
  • Qualify companies of the segment to properly manage its technological efforts as well as improve the qualification of technical and operational teams;
  • Develop technological researches that go beyond the knowledge applied to the segment of composites by creating new products, processes, applications and equipment;
  • Create tools to facilitate the access of the segment to other relevant sources of knowledge in Brazil and abroad;
  • Raise the sense of environmental and social responsibility of the production chain of composites;
  • Articulate a national network of technology competencies and services;
  • Improve the quality of existing products upon technical advice to companies throughout certification processes;
  • Actively promote the access, mainly of small companies, to IPT's infrastructure, assisting them to improve their products with the execution of test and analyses services;
  • Contribute to innovation in the segment, especially with the support of companies of the composite industry;
  • Increase the capital of the sector, facilitating its modernization and collective efficiency.
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