CETECOM - Services
  • Courses
    • Training for operators, leaders, technicians and supervisors, qualifying or requalifying the knowledge of companies' employees;
    • Management qualification, improving the knowledge of businessmen and management professionals of the composite sector;
    • Projects for the development and/or use of products, processes and equipment targeting several market segments, such as construction, transportation, chemistry, petrochemicals, electronics, sports and leisure, among others, made possible by specialized laboratories.

  • Information
    • Identification of national and international sources of information related to the segment, comprising data about experts, companies rendering technological services, companies that transform and provide input, companies providing equipment, products, raw materials and processes, educational and qualification entities, market, technical standards, regulations, patents, technical and scientific publications and financing;
    • Identification of demand, prioritizing services and products to be offered enabling a greater approximation between the Center and companies;
    • Website to actively promote the access of knowledge to the segment;
    • Virtual community.

  • Disclosure through Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Fairs and Congresses;

  • Partnerships with acknowledged institutions, joining competencies to solve problems in the composite field;
  • Advice to companies of the composite segment through consultancy or rendering of services

    • Improvement of production systems of companies through assessments in loco;
    • Rendering of services, tests and analyses carried out by all laboratories available at IPT.

  • Certification of products (technical reference);

  • Standardization of methods in the composite area, regulating procedures and products;

  • Integration of incubated companies with the production sector and other education and research entities so that these companies can assimilate the transfer of technology, adapting to technological advances.
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