ALMACO participates in JEC Americas for the first time

Latin American Composite Materials Association will announce Compocity 2015 in Houston

For the first time, the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) participates as an exhibitor in JEC Americas, a fair promoted by the JEC Group, in Houston (USA) - starting today and continuing until Thursday. Latin America is the guest of honor at this year’s edition of JEC Americas, which includes the presence of more than 250 companies, universities and research centers. 

With the support from companies such as LORD, Morquímica, MVC and Stabilit-MVC, ALMACO will provide at JEC Americas further details about Compocity 2015, the city of composites, an event that will be promoted by the association in São Paulo, from November 04 to 07, and it will be co-organized by JEC Group.  

Compocity 2015 was also the subject of one of the lectures of Paulo Camatta, executive manager of ALMACO, at "Cuarto Congreso de Plásticos Reforzados y Materiales Compuestos" [4th Congress of Reinforced Plastics and Composite Materials]. Promoted by Poliformas Plásticas, the event took place in Mexico City, on May 21-23.

A new concept of trade fair, Compocity was created by ALMACO to show the versatility of composites. By building an entire city with the material, the association showed that this type of high performance plastic can be transformed into solutions for all segments, from infrastructure and energy to transportation, housing and leisure. 

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