Brazilian composites industry reports 9% of revenue growth in 2013

Companies represented by ALMACO earned US$ 1,354 billion

The Brazilian composites sector reported a US$ 1,354 billion revenue in 2013, which corresponds to a 9% increase in comparison with the previous year. During the period, the production volume rose 1.7%, totaling 210,000 tons. The data are from Maxiquim, a consulting firm hired by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO).

According to Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO, the growth in 2013 was basically guaranteed by wind energy, agricultural and construction markets. "On the other hand, important segments for the composites production chain, such as heavy transport and road equipment, were not as well as expected," he notes.

In 2013, the construction sector led the Brazilian consumption of composites, with 49% of the total processed, ahead of transportation (17%), corrosion (11%) and sewage treatment (6%) – totaled 154,000 tons and US$ 1,015 billion. The applications in wind power, which use composites based on epoxy resins, consumed 56,000 tons and generated a turnover of US$ 338 million.

For 2014, revenues are expected to total US$ 1,509 billion, that is, an increase of 11.5% for an estimated production of 216,000 tons (+2.9%). This significant growth is mainly sustained by the building industry performance.

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