ALMACO will have an office in Colombia

The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) will have an office in Colombia. With the head office in Brazil and offices in Chile and Argentina, ALMACO is the main regional representative of the composites production chain

According to Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO Brazil, the arrival of the entity to Colombia will contribute to making the Latin American composites sector increasingly representative. "Just as in Brazil, Chile and Argentina, the operations of the Colombian office will be supported by the pillars formed by education, innovation, relationship with government agencies and sustainability," he said.

Chaired by Rafael Ignácio Velez, a professional with over 35 years of experience in the composites industry, ALMACO Colombia is established with 13 founding partners. "Our initial goal is to strengthen the dissemination of the material with the industry, government and universities," said Esteban Tous, director of the Colombian Association and Andercol, one of the leading manufacturers of resins in that country - owned by Inversiones Mundial Group.

Among the first activities of ALMACO Colombia, special mention to the construction of a mini Compocity®, the composites city launched in 2012 by ALMACO Brazil, at Colombiaplast, a trade fair of the plastics industry held between Sept/29 - Oct/01, in Bogota. "We will make available approximately 200 m² for several manufacturers to exhibit their parts." In addition to the exhibition, Colombiaplast will feature a seminar about composites. 

In 2013, the composites industry in Colombia processed approximately 30,000 tons, and the main representatives were the manufacturers of pipes, poles and parts in general for the construction and transportation sectors. This year, the expected growth is 8%.


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