ALMACO will have offices in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico in 2015

The composites sector entity expects to quadruple the number of associate members


The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) continues its process of expansion across the continent. With the head office located in Brazil, the entity already has offices in Argentina, Chile and Colombia. And, in 2015, there will be new offices in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.  

"With this, we will increase the representativeness of ALMACO before government agencies, disseminate the material and increase per capita consumption, in addition to allowing the connection of the production chain to create a network of opportunities throughout Latin America," said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO. 

Together, the offices of ALMACO currently bring together slightly over 500 companies. By 2016, the plan is to reach approximately two thousand associate members across the region. 

"The composite markets in Latin American countries are very similar, especially regarding the lack of information and training. The differences are due to the participation of each segment, according to the country’s vocation. However, more education, innovation, competitiveness and sustainability are demands from all of them." 

For Lima, in addition to the internationalization of ALMACO, the main contributions of his term - ending December 2015 - included actions focused on the industry growth, education at all levels and the intensification of the relationship with the governments. "We managed to include the name of ALMACO in the world map of composites with great transparency and effort." 

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