Sales in the Brazilian composites industry totaled US$ 382 million in the first quarter

In comparison with the same period in 2012, there was a growth of 5.2%

Sales in the Brazilian composites industry totaled US$ 382 million in the first quarter, which corresponds to an increase of 5.2% compared to the same period of the previous year. In comparison with the last three months of 2012, the increase was 1.5%. The data are from Maxiquim, a consulting firm hired by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO).
"We were heavily influenced by the recovery in the markets of trucks, buses, tractors and road equipment. The wind industry is also experiencing an excellent moment, which helped increase our revenues," said Gilmar Lima, president of ALMACO.
In contrast, from January to March, there was a consumption of 49,700 tons of composites, which is equivalent to a 10% drop when compared to the volume registered in the same period of 2012 and a slight increase of 0.4% in comparison with the fourth quarter of last year. "The difference between revenue and volume of processed material is due to the increased costs of inputs, services and payrolls," said Lima.
According to the president of ALMACO, this trend is likely to remain unchanged. "Not because of the costs, but because companies are looking for high value-added materials, which improve the performance and reduce the manufacturing time of the parts."
According to the survey of Maxiquim, the Brazilian composites industry should earn US$ 1.612 billion in 2013, which will correspond to a leap of 8.1% - in volume, 211,000 tons (+2.3%).
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