Brazil: Imports of plastic buttons fell 48.5% in the first half

Brazilian Internal Revenue Service was alerted by ALMACO on evidence of underpricing and unfair competition

After being alerted by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) on evidence of underpricing and unfair competition, the Brazilian IRS began to inspect all import declarations of plastic buttons. The measure took effect in the beginning of March and has already been effective, as the volume of imported buttons in the first half fell 48.5% in comparison with the same period last year.  
The effects could also be felt in the average price of the products - the Chinese buttons, for example, had an adjustment of 126%. China, in turn, accounted for 84.7% of total imports last year. "The measure of the IRS has helped to reduce the huge damage caused by the unfair competition with Chinese manufacturers," says Paulo Camatta, executive manager of ALMACO. 
Made of thermosetting resins and mineral fillers, the buttons imported from China would arrive in Brazil with an average price of US$ 2/kg - while identical products manufactured in the USA and Portugal cost US$ 15/kg. "The total volume of imports increased from 118,124 kg in 2007 to 1,035,039 kg in 2012, corresponding to an increase of almost 900%." With this, according to Camatta, half of the Brazilian demand in 2012 was supplied by China. "The international reference points to a minimum price of US$ 6.32/kg. In other words, the Brazilian market was being flooded with buttons that cost less than one third of this price," compares the executive manager of ALMACO.

Elevation of TEC
ALMACO has also filed with the Board of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) a request to increase the import tariff (TEC - Common External Tariff) of plastic buttons, from the current 18% to 35%. The decision should be announced in September.
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