Check out the finalists of the Brazilian Top of Mind of Composites Industry

Major award of the local sector is promoted by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO)

After two months of research, the first phase of the Brazilian Top of Mind of Composites Industry has just been completed. With 21 categories, this year’s edition features the performance of a second round, in which the three most voted companies will undergo a new market assessment, in addition to including the category "Innovation". 

Promoted by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) and audited by Destaque Business Research, the Top of Mind is the main award of the Brazilian composites industry. 

Check out the finalists of each category:

Polyester resin: Ashland - Elekeiroz - Reichhold 
Epoxy resin: Dow - Huntsman - Maxiepoxi 
Fiberglass: CPIC - Jushi - Owens Corning 
Adhesives: Artecola – LORD – Masterpol
Peroxides: AkzoNobel - Arkema - Polinox 
Gelcoat: CCP - Morquímica - Reichhold 
Molding composite: BMC do Brasil - FB Mix - Tecnofibras 
Release agent: Axel – Chem-Trend – Redelease 
Additives: Bandeirante Química - BYK - Polystell 
Manual process: Fortlev - Marcopolo - Tecnofibras 
RTM: Marcopolo - MVC - Tecnofibras 
SMC: Fastplas - BMC do Brasil - Tecnofibras 
BMC: BMC do Brasil – FB Mix – Techpress
Pultrusion: Cogumelo - MVC/Stabilit - Stratus 
Infusion: Barracuda – MVC – Tecsis
Filament winding: Edra – O-tek – Petrofisa
Continuous lamination: Doplast – Fibralit – MVC
Manufacturers of molds: AJB – Belga Matrizes – DMG Indústria de Moldes
Distributors: Diprofiber - Redelease - VI Fiberglass 
Innovation: Barracuda - MVC - Tecnofibras 
Composites industry: MVC - Redelease - Tecnofibras

The second round of the voting will begin next week. Destaque will forward to the mailing provided by ALMACO an electronic form with the list of finalists. Only one company per category can be voted. 

The winners will only be disclosed at the awards ceremony, which will take place on Nov/28, in São Paulo. 

Category "Equipment"

As a way to pay tribute to Mr. José Batista de Andrade, director of Fibermaq, who passed away in July, this year's edition will not feature the category “Equipment”. Fibermaq was elected Top of Mind in this category in 2011 and 2012.

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Other News

  ALMACO participated in event in Chile (23/11/2015)
  International Composites Seminar brings together 350 people in São Paulo (13/11/2015)
  President of ALMACO participates in the television series Undercover Boss (17/09/2015)
  ALMACO presents reverse logistics plan to the Environmental Department of Paraná... (15/07/2015)
  ALMACO participates in JEC Americas for the first time (02/06/2015)
  Sales in the Brazilian composites industry fell 15% in 1Q15 (13/05/2015)
  Global launch of Compocity 2015 took place in Paris (26/03/2015)
  Brazilian composites sector revenue remained stable in 2014 (02/03/2015)
  ALMACO and JEC enter into partnership to promote Compocity 2015 (28/01/2015)

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